Jade Dee - My fiance and I joined up this year after quite some time trying to decide which gym to go to. I had been wanting to get back into shape for some time but I also suffer from anxiety issues so making the push to get back to the gym after many years was huge for me. Absolutely 100% the right choice here! Very friendly and warm welcome from Tom right from the start, it took 2 minutes to join us up and get started and I have loved every day I have gone. No pressures, no contracts, great work out environment and for me a huge part of why I'm giving 5 stars is the feeling of not being judged or feeling self conscious! I've found in several gyms in the past I have felt very self conscious as it is obvious I'm new, personal trainers see you as fresh meat and try to pressure you to get into a pricey fitness programme with them, or you feel like the regular members are just judging you because you are taking up their favourite machines. But not here at Most Amount Fitness! You know the help is there IF and WHEN you decide and no pressure if you decline at the moment, you are left to do your thing at your own pace and know the door is always open when the time is right for you. Every member of this gym I have seen come and go so far has always been pleasant, friendly and you feel very welcome to be there. This is exactly the gym atmosphere I was looking for and not feeling like I'm being ripped off financially to get it! I'd give more than 5 stars if I could.

Leah Christine – I have had many personal trainers and none of them really cared about my results, but tom does and I am getting results more and more everyday. I am healthier and happier than I have ever been. The gym atmosphere is positive and welcoming. I love it. Best decision I ever made!

Christina Maries – If your looking for an Inspiring and friendly atmosphere with great trainers and fast results then this is the gym for you ! Leah is one of my good friends and an amazing trainer that pushes me to be do my best each work out :) Tom is an awesome trainer with a “you got this” attitude that will motivate you to reach your goals to a healthier and better you ! I’m Excited to continue my journey in 2014 at the best gym ever ;)

Tania Bilich - Tom DiTomaso is the greatest trainer I have ever met. He is reliable, understanding, loves his job and always puts 110% into what he does. He never leaves your side and knows exactly what to say when you are having a difficult time or are frustrated about your weight/health/ life. He is the most patient, caring amazing trainer and with him you will find results. I lost 95 lb's with him and it really changed my life for the better. I am a completely different person and have learned that I can do anything I want to do. Before my weight loss I was unhappy and out of shape and Tom pushed me in a positive way to get results, if it wasn't for him I may not have ever lost my weight. When I had difficulty or was getting frustrated and wasn't losing my pounds, Tom was a part of it and got involved, he checked my diet and wanted to see what I could change to have better results. He didn't give up or blame me, he was so involved as if to say it was he himself who was trying to lose the weight. Tom will help you to get results, I couldn't ask for anyone better. I followed him to multiple gyms so that I could continue my weight loss journey with him and after 5 years I am forever thankful. I will never forget what Tom did for me to help me have a healthier life where I can feel good about myself and know that anything is possible. Thank you Tom from the bottom of my heart there is definitely "nothing to it but to do it". You are the #1 trainer and the change in my life that happened because of you will be something I will remember and cherish forever.

Bev Dunn - Tom DiTomaso, he is the most dedicated person I know, who cares a tremendous amount for each of his clients, lending support and encouraging words to help you reach your goal

Josh Cosford - Tom is my current personal trainer. He's results driven, and sincerely cares about my progress. I've lost forty (that's 40!) pounds in less than two months.

Beatrice Burlie - I've seen and had other trainers; but none like Tom. Without his dedication and focus I would not feel as strong and healthy as I do today. I am only part way to my goal but with his help I am confident that I will get there. Thank you Tom, u are the best!!